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Finding a Financial Adviser

This website is very straightforward to use. Simply use the search box on the homepage to enter a postcode town or city in order to see a list of advisers in your area. If you already know the name of a firm you are looking for you can simply click on the “firm” tab and then enter the name of the firm.

This website aims to provide guidance to customers by using ratings and reviews from other customers. This type of system is intended to increase transparency and enhance customer confidence in financial advisers. All search results are listed in order of rating, showing featured firms first and then all other registered firms. All ratings are shown on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 indicates a poor customer experience and 5 indicates and excellent customer experience. You will be able to see the firm rating and the number of reviews which have been left for each firm. By clicking on the firm name within any search results you will be able to see more information on the firm including the areas of advice they can provide.

The number of ratings and reviews that have been left for each specific firm are also displayed on the site. Customers should take this into consideration when choosing an adviser, as firms with a larger number of positive ratings have a greater and more diverse reputation than those with perhaps just a single review.

We would encourage customers to leave ratings and reviews in order to assist others in finding a suitable financial adviser. We appreciate all constructive reviews. However any reviews that are unsuitable or are allegations of misconduct will not be tolerated. For further details please see our Terms and Conditions.

As well as searching your local area, there is a National Adviser List found within the Find an Adviser link at the top of the screen. This is a list of nationally based advisers who will provide advice over the phone or via the internet regardless of where you are based geographically in the UK. Some people may prefer this to seeing an adviser on a face to face basis. All of our National Advisers must subscribe to Preferred Adviser in order to be listed, however this list of firms will remain in order of highest rating.

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