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About Preferred Adviser

Preferred Adviser is a new website dedicated to helping people find a recommended financial adviser by using ratings and reviews from other customers. This website can assist you to find a reputable adviser to suit your requirements and put you in contact with them.

The main difference between this website and other similar websites is that Preferred Adviser lists all searches for financial advisers and includes their customer rating. This provides transparency and enables customers to see what other customers have experienced when obtaining financial advice from specific firms.

Financial advisers can list their firm on this site free of charge and add a limited amount of detail. The website however does fund itself by allowing adviser firms to enhance their listing on our site for a fee. Firms with a Featured Listing still have a transparent customer rating but they will show up in search results before Basic Listings, in a similar way to sponsored links in web searches. We believe that this supports customers looking for financial advice because firms who pay to have their listing enhanced will generally be committed to supporting transparency and putting their customers’ interests at the heart of their business. Enhancing their listing allows firms to add more information on their services, an image of their logo, website details and list of advisers to their profile for customers to view.

We do make regular checks to ensure that all advisers listed are authorised by the Financial Services Authority to give financial advice and are professionally qualified to do so. Although this website is regularly updated it is essential that customers conduct their own checks to ensure that before they receive financial advice, they check the firm is still authorised to do business on the Financial Services Register.

When someone chooses a financial adviser it is important that they have confidence in the person they have selected and they feel comfortable discussing their personal information. Customers should be aiming for a long-term relationship, something that makes the regular review process that much easier for both parties. Most advisers will offer an initial no-obligation consultation, which is also worth checking before making a commitment.

A customer willing to trust a financial adviser with their financial affairs is not something that should be undertaken without guidance. Quality research in sourcing a Financial Adviser should give confidence that the adviser chosen is reputable, trustworthy and good value for money. Preferred Adviser aims to assist every customer to find a suitable financial adviser.

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