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Why should I see a Financial Adviser?

Financial planning involves thinking carefully about your financial goals and objectives and then using a series of financial solutions and products in order to meet your priorities.

Whether you feel your finances are in good shape or not, unless you are personally trained and qualified in financial planning, you may not be able to make the most of your financial situation on your own. Selecting the most suitable financial products yourself will involve a considerable amount of research as well as an understanding of tax implications, risks, and value. Not only will this be challenging but actually buying some financial products will not be straightforward as you may be required to sign disclaimers for not taking financial advice. Even if you do select some products that appear suitable for your plans, it is then important to regularly adjust and amend your plans to reflect changes in circumstance or changes in legislation, which can get extremely complicated.

Personal financial planning involves expert knowledge and understanding of complicated areas such as pensions, investments, taxation and state benefits. These are not subjects which most people will tend to read up on.

Due to the complexities of financial planning, it is recommended that expert knowledge is utilised through a suitable financial adviser. It is important to have confidence and trust in your financial adviser as you will need to discuss your current financial situation and future goals with them in detail. You should aim to have a long-term financial adviser who will conduct regular financial reviews and health checks in order to help meet your goals and priorities. It is therefore essential to shop around for a suitable adviser or use the recommendations of others. This is what Preferred Adviser aims to assist you with.

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