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Where Financial Advisers Work

Financial advisers usually meet their customers on a face to face basis in order to create a trusting relationship and enhance the communication between adviser and customer. Financial advisers will have their own office but customer meetings will not always take place there any could sometimes take place at the customer's house or office instead.

Some advisers will insist on meeting in their own office as they have busy schedules and travelling to and from meetings will slow down their productivity. Also, they will keep their research tools, documents and other resources in their office, which they can utilise when required.

Advisers who are willing to visit their customers are likely to have restrictions on how far they will travel to meet their customers. It would probably be reasonable for an adviser to visit customers in their own home town but you may need to check if you require them to travel further than this for meetings.

Some advisers are nationally based which means that they will give advice to anyone in the UK regardless of geographical location. This is therefore usually over the phone or through the internet and can be suitable in a number of situations to many customers.

Preferred Adviser categorises advisers as office-based only, local, regional or national. Local advisers would visit their customers within their local town, whereas regional advisers would travel slightly further than this.

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