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What is a Financial Adviser?

A financial Adviser is a professional who is trained and qualified to assist people with their financial affairs. They will be able to look at your current financial situation and can create a financial plan in order to help meet your financial goals and objectives. An adviser should then review, update and enhance your financial plan over time as and when your circumstances and priorities change.

Financial Advisers have a thorough understanding of the financial services market and understand specialist areas. They must go through regular professional development to keep up with changes in legislation so they can advise their clients accordingly. They often have access to product research tools that assist their advice process and give them all the up to date information in order to recommend the most suitable products to meet their customer’s needs.

Financial Advisers can either work on their own in their own firm or they may work in a larger multi-adviser firm with a number of other advisers. Due to the high level of regulation in financial planning, they will often require other non-advice giving staff to work with them and assist them in their daily business.

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